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News Therapy // Alain de Botton

Alain de Botton // Food as Therapy
Holler // Senior Planner
Possible // Creative Strategist
Alain de Botton // Philosophers' Mail
Alain de Botton // Art as Therapy
Rijksmuseum // Art as Therapy
Possible London // Creative Strategist
Alain de Botton // News Therapy
The School of Life
Dazed & Confused // Dazed Digital
Us Two // Whale Trail
Harper Voyager // Game of Thrones
Bike Works
Adobe Europe
Analog Folk
Levi Strauss & Co EU
Cannes Lions
Divine Chocolate
innocent drinks

The news is everywhere, we can't stop checking it constantly on our screens, but what is it doing to our minds? The news occupies the same dominant position in modern society as religion once did, but we often don't even begin to understand its impact on us.

Digital interpretation of Alain de Botton's publication News, A User Manual as a multi-channel digital tool (responsive site/ multi platform app) single hub from which to base book launch marketing in UK & US.

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