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self initiated projects

Alternative Tour. RCA Work in Progress Show 2015

Delta. Multi-Perspective
WIP Show Tour
Terroir Transitions
Biotechnomini Market
Biohack Workshop
Synthetic Temperaments
Parallel Reality Tour
8 of 512
Stereochron Resident
POV Prisms
Deductive Printing
Socratic Search
British Museum Residency
A Place Called Love
Short Nose
Cold Brew Coffee Cart
Wisdom Blitz
Your Bank May Be Repossessed
Wayne McGregor Dance Lab
Wander Around Map
Long Thoughts
Now & Then
Exhibition in an Envelope
Wisdom Tooth
Pilgrims Way
Slower Failure
Work 1197
Arrows of London
Blackspot Cigarettes
100 Conversations
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Just as maps of physical space often illustrate topology describing the contours of the land, we as individuals also have a topology of memories, views, values, morals and beliefs. The tour you have just spent your time with has been an initial experiment in creating a first framework to allow individuals to collectively and intuitively explore another's topology of self. And hopefully create a space where the notion of 'who is learning from who upon a tour' is actively questioned.

Tutors: Noam Toran / Nina Pope