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A gentle reminder to the banking industry as to it's own moral obligations.

A direct action activity created as a reminder to the financial service industry as to thier own moral obligations to society. Born from a tweet, after learning of the fact that Barclays Chief Bob Diamond was unable to list the simple three founding princliples given to the bank by it's Quaker founders upon questioning by MP's on his exit (Honesty, Integrity, Plain Dealing). And then of further learning that the banking arm of the Co-Operative Group (my own bank) had lost £600 million largely from miss selling payment protection insurance. Upon visting the co-op banks website there-after I was greated with the standard financial services warning 'Your Home Maybe Repossessed If You Do Not Keep Up With Repayments On Your Mortgage'. A gentle reminder/threat we all recieve regularly to manage our expectations and keep as all in check. In turn I felt that the banking industry could also benefit from a gentle reminder/threat as to it's own obligations. The repossession in question in this instance being tax payer bail outs, although even those seem to work in the banks favour in a way that home repossessions don't.

These social responsibility nudges have been added to major high street bank 'touch points' along with the backs of all my own cheques/bank communications in the hope they might awaken some kind of moralistic behaviour. The sticker source files can be saved from below and uploaded into Moo Stickers at a cost of only £4.29 for 90 stickers should you wish to give your own bank a gentle reminder of it's moral obligations to us all.