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Wisdom Blitz //

Delta. Multi-Perspective
WIP Show Tour
Terroir Transitions
Biotechnomini Market
Biohack Workshop
Synthetic Temperaments
Parallel Reality Tour
8 of 512
Stereochron Resident
POV Prisms
Deductive Printing
Socratic Search
British Museum Residency
A Place Called Love
Short Nose
Cold Brew Coffee Cart
Wisdom Blitz
Your Bank May Be Repossessed
Wayne McGregor Dance Lab
Wander Around Map
Long Thoughts
Now & Then
Exhibition in an Envelope
Wisdom Tooth
Pilgrims Way
Slower Failure
Work 1197
Arrows of London
Blackspot Cigarettes
100 Conversations
Switch to Manual

An exploration into longer form narrative and written rhythm in micro media, balanced against intrusion into a followers attention.

A twitter feed by this_is_helpful that seeks to curate a single highlight of my personally acquired wisdom from the previous seven days. Into a short sharp blitz every Wednesday at 3pm & 7pm. Here's a bit more information on why I made it.