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Delta. Multi-Perspective

Delta. Multi-Perspective
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"My perception is itself a thinking, and my thinking a percieving."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

What if IBM and Eames 1964 Worlds Fair Exhibit Think led to significant investment in multi-perspective technology coupled with wide spread adoption of cognitive systems? A counter factual history investigating and re-imagining differing technological, social and political perspectives resulting from a fork in history. Delta imagines a world in which there is no single perspective, but multiple. We no longer view the world through multiple devices each with a single screen, but through a single device [Delta] which is made of multiple screens, giving us multiple perspectives.

Supporting Speculative Essay; The End of Truth.

Delta, by Eames Office, 2014

Greek Euro Bail out of February 2014 seen from multiple perspectives through Delta

Array of Delta interfaces, each presenting a different perspective

Communications for Eames/ IBM Worlds Fair Exhibit, 1970

Counter factual timeline

Tutors: James Auger/ Tony Dunne