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Synthetic Temperaments

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An exploration into the realities and rhetorics related to contemporary drone technology, concerning future narratives of social, economic, technological and legal infrastructures.

Three electronic prototypes represent a range of nano drones built upon the same frame work but to differing individual aesthetics. Each nano drone could, in speculation, host a behaviour chip that would influence its signature movement and base functions. Applications of synthetic temperament technology could see defensive temperaments applied in home security where an object or place needs to be protected, submissive temperaments applied where childrens or the elderly's considerations need to be accounted for. Observant temperaments where the technology needs to become largely transparent and non-invasive. And playful where the technology would be playing a entertainment or companionship role.

Project Documentation PDF: Choreographed Synthetic Temperaments In Aerial Robotics

Drone prototypes exploring differing individual aesthetics associated with Synthetic Temperaments.

Three nano drone prototypes; Playful, Observant, Defensive

Choreographed Synthetic Temperaments; performance prototypes.

Synthetic Temperament Technology; implications and applications.

Tutors: Yuri Suzuki / David Chatting / Michail Vanis
Associations: Project Daedalus / Andy Miah / Mashmallow Laser Fest