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In a recent essay for The Financial Times David Hockney argues and illustrates the case for a shift from a static view point to a mobile one. And that this fundamental shift would open the world from a single infinity/ world view to multiple infinities.

Western belief systems have long relied on narrow single views compared to Eastern beliefs. For examples Western medicine looks to treat the symptoms of illnesses, where as Chinese medicine will take a holistic approach to treating the causes of an illness. Such a shift in view point would also allow for new perspectives. And it is perspective that forms part of the narratives we layer on the world, hence forming how we actively perceive and understand the world.

Experiment in View Point & Depth

The below experiment looks to explore shifts in view point and depth that result in a change of perspective through the use of a simple prism. The images are intended to give an illusion of perspective, and builds on the traditional use of stereoscopy.

Single view point / Single depth

Single view point / Multiple depth

Dual view point / Multiple depth

Multiple view point / Multiple depth