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The design worlds fetish for creation, the new & novel, is far too often celebrated at the detriment of the creativty involved within the act of destruction.

"We hear much of the influence of the sixteenth century upon the nineteenth. No philosopher, as far as I am aware, has studied the influence of the nineteenth century upon the sixteenth. If cause produces effect, does effect never induce cause? Does the law of heredity, unlike all other laws of this universe of mind and matter, operate in one direction only? Does the descendant owe everything to the ancestor, and the ancestor nothing to the descendant? Does destiny, which may seize upon our existence, and for its own purposes bear us far into the future, never carry us back into the past?"
The Clock That Went Backward, Edward Page Mitchell, 1881

deductive printing / manufacturing / fabrication
the process by which digital 3D design data and process is used to reduce down a component in layers by recording its core design and then extracting and storing its material substance inorder to later reproduce the exact component at a future point in time.

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space, generally using a theoretical invention, namely a time machine [wikipedia May 2014]. Deductive printing concerns using a combination of existing and speculative technology to simplify and fascilitate the movement between points in time. And in doing so creating a tangible space to question what is time travel, and how much like Edward Page Mitchell's concept we can explore the implications of the futures influence on the past.

Much has been written regarding Additive/ 3D Printing, indeed it is currently a highly fetishised area of design discourse. It may be that we have focussed to narrowly, as is often the case, with the act of creation, the discovery of the new and novel, rather than it's opposite; destruction. Could a deductive printer, a printer which systematically reduces an existing object to it's core ingredients, work in tandem with additive printing. And in doing so open a new theoretical space for simplified time travel?

A working example of deductive printing; Darwin Bust

Like most things, deductive printing is best illustrated with an example, so we'll turn to a gypsum plaster bust of Charles Darwin at this point. And to follow the deductive and additive phases of theoretical time travel in a chronological order.

Dualism, an historical context

The Aztec Empire of Mexico in the fithteenth century had a fundamental relationship to dualism. All dieties of the Aztec religion have a dual nature, male/ female, birth/ death, night/ day, generation and distruption. We can see this apparently in the below Aztec Double Headed Serpent, which forms a major piece of The British Museums collection of Aztec artifacts and understanding. By referencing this relationship to dualism, reflecting in the East through concepts such as Yin and Yang, we can place the notions of deductive printing in a far wider context.