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A wines ultimate value lays in its terroir. It's terroir (loosely translated as ‘a sense of place’) is the set of unqiue natural goegraphical, geological and environmental characteristics of a certain place that have interacted with plant genetics, and go on to be expressed in an end product.

This project looks to evolve a wine terroir from an entirely natural process into two new areas. The first a synthetic terroir created in a 'home brew' environment that employs new technologies of synthetic biology and genetic engineering at an informal scale. The second a cultural terroir, where the powers of suggestion and persuasion are employed to create entirely new myths of meaning.

Cultural Terroir MP3: Let us Drink to Wonder

The sap of the sun and earth. A wine made of natural terroir.

A system to replicate natural terroir through synthetic biology.

Single play audio recording to project cultural terroir onto wine.

Decoding and recoding existing etiquettes. Paper prototypes.

Two objects used to decode & recode existing etiquettes associated with wine consumption.

Tutors: Raphael Kim / David Benque / Noam Toran