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Biotechnomini Market
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Synthetic Temperaments
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Stereochron Resident
POV Prisms
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Socratic Search
British Museum Residency
A Place Called Love
Short Nose
Cold Brew Coffee Cart
Wisdom Blitz
Your Bank May Be Repossessed
Wayne McGregor Dance Lab
Wander Around Map
Long Thoughts
Now & Then
Exhibition in an Envelope
Wisdom Tooth
Pilgrims Way
Slower Failure
Work 1197
Arrows of London
Blackspot Cigarettes
100 Conversations
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A simple digital folly.

A web app for devices/ browsers concieved and created in a day. Wisdom Tooth is a window into collective wisdom, sourced from the most recent twitter entries tagged with the word wisdom. Purely created as a single seconds snap shot into a global view of human wisdom at any point in time, and accessed from it's owners device in one touch.